Offered Senior Projects

Project Title Project Advisor
Outlier Detection for Gesture Videos Lale Akarun
Sign Language Annotator Lale Akarun
Development of a Virtual Reality System for Human Robot Interaction H. Levent Akın
Development of a Graphical User Interface for RoboCup Rescue Simulation to Control Agents H. Levent Akın
Parallel Programming with CUDA for RoboCup Rescue Simulation H. Levent Akın
Hologram Virtual Assistant H. Levent Akın
Autonomous Mini Drone Controller H. Levent Akın
Development of a Virtual Reality System for Human Robot Interaction H. Levent Akın
Smart Watch Bert Arnrich
Dynamic content for Computer Engineering Haluk O. Bingöl
Powerpoint Like Presentation Tool in HTML5 Haluk O. Bingöl
Effects of obstacle in Axelrod's Cultural Model Haluk O. Bingöl
Weather Sensing for HEMS via LoRaWAN Cem Ersoy and Tuna Tuğcu
Comparative sentence analysis in Turkish documents Tunga Güngör
Collecting natural language data using GWAP (game with a purpose) mechanism Tunga Güngör
Compiling a lexicon of Turkish multi-word expressions Tunga Güngör
Developing new methods for evaluation of document summaries Tunga Güngör
Blockchain Explorer for Ethereum Can Özturan
Archiving Financial Data on Ethereum Blockchain Can Özturan
IPFS and Blockchain Based Archival System for Open Academic Data Can Özturan
Information Visualization for Choir Conductors Albert Ali Salah
AI Bots for Slither.IO Albert Ali Salah
Finding out hoaxes and false rumors online A. C. Cem Say
Something theoretical A. C. Cem Say
Detecting Trolls, Dead People, Robots, etc. on Twitter A. C. Cem Say
Designing a Proximity-Verified Attendance System Tuna Tuğcu
Network Topology Builder Tuna Tuğcu
Design & Development of a Restricted Version of Eclipse IDE Tuna Tuğcu
Robot simulation and motion planning for Sawyer Emre Uğur
Communication and Graphical User Interface for Baxter Robot Emre Uğur
NAO Robot Avatar Emre Uğur
Baxter and Sawyer robot control and communication via speech Emre Uğur
Automatically creating a semantically challenging Turkish named entity recognition dataset Suzan Üsküdarlı and Tunga Güngör
Extending Web Content Accessibility via Re-narration Suzan Üsküdarlı
Purposeful Online Communities a User Generated Behavior Suzan Üsküdarlı

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