Application to Master of Science in Computer Engineering

  • Applications to the Graduate Studies (MSc. or PhD degree) in Bogazici University, Department of Computer Engineering (CMPE) are processed electronically and there is no other channel of application. All prospective candidates should apply through the following link:
  • The most actual information about the application process such as required documents and certificates, quotas and important deadlines, are announced regularly on the page linked above. The candidates are advised to study this information carefully and identify specific requirements for their individual cases, as there may variations in terms of required documents depending on the specific status. Applicants should compare to the previous application period, and plan well ahead to obtain mandatory certificates (such as GRE, TOEFL, UYS, YDS for PhD) on time. Remember that many certificates require registering many weeks before taking an exam and report results with some delay.
  • The graduate education is exclusively in English and the applicants are expected to posses a high level of English speaking and writing skills. In only extraordinary circumstances, the Computer Engineering PhD program may admit candidates to the English preparatory class before the actual program. However, the quota for this option is severely limited (currently only 1). The candidates should check the Prep class box during on-line application and take the DBS (English Language Level Test) so as to get considered as a prep student by the CmpE Department.
  • Bogazici University uses a grading system similar to the US grading system (AA, BA, BB, .., DD), corresponding to (4, 3.5, 3, .., 1), and 'F' for failing. The following link will be helpful in translating the GPA, especially for candidates applying from a non-Turkish University: 
  • Application to the Graduate Studies in Bogazici University is done online. Required documents, certificates, and important dates are announced on this web page: 
    • This page also holds information about the previous application period so that candidates can plan ahead and get the certificates ready before the application deadlines of some exams are over.
  • The application is on-line. When the application period starts, the application link will be activated on the web page at the above link.
  • The Computer Engineering MS program has only 1 quota for the English prep class. The candidates should check the Prep class box during on-line application and take the DBS (English Language Level Test) so as to get considered as a prep student by the CmpE Department. 
  • Quota for the non-prep students may change in each application period. Please check the above link for the most recent information.
  • Bogazici University uses a grading system similar to the US grading system. The following link will be helpful to check your GPA if you are planning to apply from a non-Turkish university: 
  • In the On-line Application site,  the department requests you to select at most three professors for the interview. The professors who need MS students in the specified research topics are listed below. Before selecting the professor, it is strongly advised to the applicants to contact with their prospective professors, because their quota might be full.
A. C. Cem Say Theoretical Computer Science
Arda Yurdakul Internet-of-things & Blockchain, Embedded Systems, FPGA, Real-time Systems, Hardware Accelerators, Computer Architecture
A. Taylan Cemgil Machine learning
Can Özturan Parallel Processing, Graph Algorithms, Blockchain
Cem Ersoy 5G and beyond, SDN Orchestrated multi-tier Cloud, Edge computing for IoT, Low Power WAN, Pervasive Health, Ambient Assisted Living
Emre Uğur Robotics (Cognition, Learning, Manipulation)
Ethem Alpaydın Pattern Recognition / Machine Learning
Fatih Alagöz 5G+,Software Defined Networks, Information Centric Networks, IoT, security, wireless/mobile/satellite networks
H. Levent Akın Robotics
Lale Akarun 3D Object Recognition, sign language recognition, pedestrian detection and activity recognition 
Human behavior analysis, pattern recognition, computer vision
M. Alper Şen Software Testing and Verification, Machine Learning in Software Engineering, Embedded Systems
S. Fikret Gürgen Intelligent Systems, Medical Applications, Speech Processing, Machine Learning
Taflan İ. Gündem Database systems and their applications, Requirements Engineering
Tuna Tuğcu Nanonetworking/Molecular Communications, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Networks (5G and Beyond)
Tunga Güngör Natural language processing, Machine translation, Machine learning


  • ​All applicants are expected to submit all necessary documents during their application process:
  • The applications are processed case by case. Note that incomplete applications may not be considered for further evaluation and the candidate may not be invited to an interview. Beware that the workflow in University's On-line Application System allows finalizing an application with eventually missing documents.
  • Some submissions require letters of reference written on candidate's behalf. Such letters must be uploaded to an on-line reference system by the referees. Past experience has shown that referees too often forget or delay to upload these letters. It is in the candidate's responsibility to remind the referees to ensure that letters are uploaded before the evaluation.
  • Graduates of Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department need not submit reference letters.

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